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Shi Hao: from the great shortage of out, put down the bounds, boarded nine days, stirring fairyland situation, pick exotic storms, create a blind day cultivation system, legislation heaven, Wu sixth secret, immortal emperor, destroy dead emperor, The world, into the sky, and then continued glory

Fire Linger: the fire family princess, husband shortage, the end was wasteland to go to the sky
Qing Yi: Terran, the main body Yue Chan, her husband shortage
Yun Xi: Heavenly family, and the barren road for the child has a child called a small stone
Liu Shen: shortage of mentor, looks more beautiful than the fairy, the end of the wasteland to go to the idea of ​​resurrection
Qi Dao Lin: the supreme temple of the Lord, the forbidden for the successor, shortage of three thousand states encountered containment and drought common trouble, break the original door fall
Meng Tianzheng: shortage of mentor, to be a kind of failure was almost abandoned
Lord of the restricted area: shortage of mentor, immortal ancient generation of characters, in the cross-yin and yang to meet
Small days Cape ants: absurd friends, angel ants the youngest son, has been followed by the war and quartet
Yin yu rabbit: absurd friend
Witch: absurd friend
Cao Yusheng: absurd friend, how to resurrection to cover the times to become a paragraph to the end did not explain
Emperor: ten crowns, the world tree
Long bow Yan: poor friends, five crowns, the end of death
Exile: poor friends

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Qin Hao: shortage of brother
Shi Yi: absurd brother

Ye Fan: and ruthless people and other three together to break through the space to find the barren days
Ruthless man: for future generations cause and effect, fitflop sale to help over the famine twice
Without the beginning of the emperor: no end of the reincarnation
Leaves immortal: not absurd people in the times, to witness the wicked and set the spirits in the chaos. Help over the famine many times, see Ye Fan will be tears, suspected shade Ye Xian
Blood: the need to mobilize the body of fine blood, rolling like thunder, melting bone, in the blood to remind the gods, and thus harden heaven and earth fortune, nourish the flesh. fitflop sale The maximum can make the body up to ten thousand pounds of polar.
Cave: the opening of the cave is tantamount to the world of good fortune, and constantly directly absorb the outside world essence, add yourself. Up to ten cave, the shortage of ten cave into a single no cave
Chemical spirit: remodeling the real process, with the previous different transformation, from the flesh to the spirit, and then to communicate outside the cave, produce spirituality, will evolve
Ming Wen (waiting): no longer learn from the Xiongshou and Raptor Rune, in the body engraved some of their own symbols
Array (Wang): If the Ming territory is imitation of other races, carved in the body runes, can be initial deduction method, then it is a higher level of evolution. Can be carved in the body to kill a variety of array, such as congenital chaos large array and Cao Yu students in the body to kill the third array

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Venerable (Emperor): the essence of the ordinary monks, detached secular, there is the possibility of God
Shenhuo (pseudo God): lit the gods, beyond the mortal, can be kind of species in the body, in his later years, the gods may be extinguished
True one (true God): true gods have detached secular power, really ignited the gods, gods will die after death
Sacraments: special transition realm, pre-mana instability, changes in the territory of the gods and the environment between heaven and earth, practice to the late more stable. Can skip the practice, if the practice can be smooth sailing in the future. Can be king of robbery
Gods: to the limb regeneration, 1 drop of blood can collapse mountains, coercion can cover all low realm, is the minimum qualification to enter the imperial battlefield
Virtual channel (leader): blend with the road to the perfect seed for the media, touch the road, can feel the world between the wonderful reason, the first contact with the road in full, or even give the illusion, like the embodiment of the road, touch the road source
Cut me: full name cut my way, cut off his body, Ming Wu own Road and law
Escape one: command a monk, Emperor Guan battlefield leader
Supreme (invincible): standing in the humane is only the dissemination of coercion will make low realm can not lift their heads, rely on long life to live millions of years or more. The strongest of each era can be integrated with the heart, and later reached the supreme can not be integrated with the heart is called another alternative, and some strong and even can defeat the integration of the heart of it (such as Meng Tianzheng). It corresponds to the realm of heaven in the quasi-emperor to the great pole (quasi-imperial level it has gold too Jun, the great level of the emperor it has Meng Tianzheng)
Really immortal (immortal, longevity): a drop of blood to maintain a few times immortal, fitflop shoes this level of the Red Sainty combat power stronger than the immortal
Fairy king (immortal king, buried the king): the real longevity die, flesh immortal, soul immortal, repair into the king of the body to make the body stronger. Extremely hard to kill unless used special methods. If someone read his real name will be their perception, there will be a vision of the show. Ten fierce only temper the fairy king without the gods of the gods. (Such as Ao sheng) → fairy king of Britain (such as mantis ancestors) → giant (such as An Lan) → supreme giants (Such as Kun Di) → fairy king limit (such as nine strange) → fairy king extreme (such as nineteen strange) → infinite close to quasi-immortal (such as butcher)
Known as fairy king: Kun Peng Wang, nine leaves sword grass, mantis ancestors, old dragon, the world second, red dragon, small days ants, white unicorn; nine days without end, reincarnation, fairy monk king, cents gold Wang Xian, the emperor, immortal, small stone; fairy domain pan Wang, mixed yuan, Ao Sheng, too beginning, the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, fitflop shoes and the confrontation of the six cents king, A The master of the restricted area, the golden palm of the box, crystal skull, eye drops, beheaded Lomo woman, golden jaw king, tiger black strange, white tiger king, three King Wu Wang, Lu Gu, old monster, chaos Qinglian Such as Qiu, nine strange, butcher, selling fake medicine; burial domain Huoheng, Han Zhuo, chicken, buried the Lord; exotic crane unparalleled, Lomo, Yu Tuo, no War, Pu devil, Chi Wang, An Lan, Zijin gourd master, five law on behalf of the representative, swallow days ancestors, Kun Di; boundary sea Qu, knife king, degenerate beasts, nineteen strange
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Quasi-immortal: the initial breakthrough infinity close to the quasi-immortal immortal kingdom, from ancient times so embarked on the road there are nine nine are killed. It can destroy a field between the fingertips, they will be able to blind the secret, regardless of the past, now or after the fall with a fog, it is difficult to see through, difficult to life, can continue to transform, the so-called transformation is strong and perfect The body can not live long. It wants to really go to Xian Di is very dangerous, this road is dangerous to despair
Known quasi-immortal emperor: footprints emperor, Liu Shen, Ye Fan, ruthless man, no emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the emperor, the old man, the future 3 emperor
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Xian Di (immortal supreme, immortal emperor, burial emperor): can be refined Xianyuan, seal immortal master, from ancient times to take this road has 10 Chengdu killed. It will have the field of the emperor (to reverse the time limit the enemy in the silence of time and space, can not escape this point). Red Dust is a large section of the world,fitflops clearance including the perfect realm of all cents
Known immortal: corpses Xian Di, shortage
Beyond the immortal 1-2 large realm: the end of the existence of God found above the black out of a drop of black blood can easily attack the dead emperor to death, indicating that the black blood of the owner of the strength is how horrible
Known to go beyond the goddess: black blood master
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